Women’s History Month for Kids Book Bundle

Women’s History Month for Kids Book Bundle

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In celebration of Women's History Month, we are offering a special discounted book bundle of three of our top-selling youth books with female leads.  This bundle is for readers from 3rd grade to 6th grade. 


These books have rave reviews from students, parents and teachers. They are a perfect for a home library, or as a gift to your teacher or school library. 

Included in the bundle: 

  • Clara Rides the Rancho and Clara Rounds the Cape Horn by Northern California authors Michele Lasagna and Gail Faber. These chapter books are written by former elementary teachers, who research, write and publish state approved, supplemental California history texts and stories that make California history come alive for young students.
  • Diary of Sallie Hester, a collection of illustrated excerpts from the diary of Sallie Hester, a fourteen-year-old girl who tells her family's journey along the Oregon-California Trail during 1849-1850. 
  • Surprise collectible/keepsake