By the Great Horn Spoon

By the Great Horn Spoon

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by Sid Fleischman

Stowing away on a large ship, young Jack and his butler, Praiseworthy, hope to strike it rich in the gold fields of California to help get his family out of debt. Along the way they encounter a colorful cast of sailors, miners, outlaws, and varmints. Will Jack and Praiseworthy hit the mother lode? Find out in this newly illustrated edition of a classic adventure! 

Check out what Sutter's Fort Docent Joan Cochrane had to say about this book:

"By The Great Horn Spoon!, by Sid Fleischman, is one of the best read-alouds for fourth graders. It is a wild story about a young boy and his steadfast butler that travel around Cape Horn to make a fortune in the Gold Rush.  Their adventures and eventual arrival in California make a suspenseful, funny, and satisfying read!"